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The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum opens the country's first permanent exposition of national design of the 20th and 21st centuries, "The Thing! Re/Construction". The project includes iconic objects of Soviet designers from the birth of VHUTEMAS School in 1920 to the experimental works of contemporary object designers.
12 september – 14 january
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum presents an exhibition-installation dedicated to the 150th anniversary of architect Alexei Shchusev, opening up the early period of the architect's work. The project is based on the collection of Shchusev's architectural graphics that dates from his early years. The collection entered the museum in 2020. This time the templates, sketches and dawings in the "Russian style", most of which relate to the famous Marfo-Mariinsky monastery, will be on show.
4 november – 10 december
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum presents a luxurious collection of metal works by Gennady Kubryakov. According to the legend that is fondly told, one day in the early 1980s, a citizen knocked at the museum's records department with a bag through which a newspaper roll was peeping. Introducing himself as Gennady Andreyevich Kubryakov, he said that he wanted to make a gift to the museum and began to carefully unwrap the newspaper, pulling out a beautifully crafted vase in the Russian style. It was a vase by the world-famous firm, on a par with Fabergé, the firm of Ovchinnikov, which today adorns the museum's exposition "Russian Style: from Historicism to Art Nouveau". "I want people to see it. If you exhibit it for two years, I'll give it to you as a gift." Kubryakov gave more than just the vase. In the 1990s, he donated 68 valuable exhibits dating from 1840-1920. These are metal objects of the highest artistic level.
16 november – 7 december
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum presents an exhibition reflecting Kuban everyday life, traditions and life not only through objects but also through smells.
14 december – 21 january
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum presents a project of contemporary artists from the town of Tarusa.
8 december – 21 january
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum presents the exhibition "What Happens on New Year's Eve" as an old decorated fir tree, where a gilded walnut tree neighbours a painted sleigh, a bright clay toy - with a light porcelain angel. Merry winter games and amusements, the tradition of celebrating New Year and Christmas with the hope for the renewal of the world - this is what connects generations, brings together town and village, countries and even continents. At the exhibition everyone can make a trip to the Christmas fair, look at the performance of foreign "artists", look at glass and cotton toys used to decorate the Christmas tree in the twentieth century, marvel at the works of modern authors who have created a real magic fairy tale in the halls of the museum.
1 january – 31 december
1 january – 31 december
2 may – 30 may
The exhibition "The Art of Ornament" is held within the Year of Teachers and Mentors.
19 june – 30 july
The exhibition "Decorative Art - living beautifully" presents unique exhibits from the collection of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum. They follow the history and evolution of Russian decorative art from the XIX century to the present. The term "applied art" encompasses a certain dualism: on the one hand, these are everyday objects, surrounding people in everyday life, on the other - art objects.