23 june – 18 august

Сhildren from 6 years and on are invited to the master class "Linokot"! Each participant will be able to make a print in the form of our charming author's cat based on Russian engraved lubok.

At the master class you will learn:

/ what engraving is

/ what the peculiarities of engraving on linoleum are

/ why on the printed form everything is "the other way around"

/ what Russian lubochny pictures told about.


During the master class you will learn how to:

/ cut out with chisels the image

/ apply ink to the printing plate

/ make an impression from the printing plate on paper.


If you wish, you can bring a clean, ironed T-shirt or a light-colored "shopper" ("cotton" fabric) and we will print the image on it!

After the class you will take with you the prints on paper, and only them, but also the very printing plate to make prints from it at home as a gift for your friends!

Attention! Children under 14 are allowed only when accompanied by adults!

Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes.

The cost of the master class is 1 200 rubles.


Dates and times of master classes:

/ June 23 at 13:00

/ June 30 at 15:00

/ July 14 at 12:00

/ July 21 at 14:00

/ August 3 at 15:00

/ August 18 at 15:00


If you have any questions about the master class, or you want to know if your item is suitable for imprinting an image on it, please write to us at