Add museum stickers to your collection on Telegram and Odnoklassniki!

Objects of Russian decorative art seem familiar and understandable to us. "What haven't we seen there?" - many of us wonder and ignore museum exhibition announcements. The Instinct team visited the exhibition, listened to the inspiring stories of the tour guide and found dozens of unusual exhibits and interesting facts, which became the main characters of the "So much unseen" campaign.   
Videos and a series of creatives for outdoor advertising draw attention to such exhibits and facts.

Elena Titova, Director of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, said:

"During the preparation of the advertising campaign we rediscovered the museum! Together with our colleagues from Instinct agency we looked at the exhibits with new eyes, we visited all the funds, took pictures of the items from the collection and saw for ourselves that art speaks our language, it tells its stories, we saw what incredible things surround us in the museum and how everyday life is changed when we find ourselves among decorative arts objects. We would also like to thank the Development Fund of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum and the Abrau-Durso Company for their support in launching the campaign".

The aim of the campaign, which started in December 2022 and will continue next year, is to inspire familiarity with Russian decorative art and show that it remains interesting and relevant. To highlight the connection of decorative art with everyday life, the campaign also created a sticker pack called "Art Speaks @damuseum". The museum pieces fit perfectly into today's realities and will help to express emotions on the messenger.