Event calendar


20 may
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum opens the country's first permanent exposition of national design of the 20th and 21st centuries, "The Thing! Re/Construction". The project includes iconic objects of Soviet designers from the birth of VHUTEMAS School in 1920 to the experimental works of contemporary object designers.
25 august – 22 october
Ivan Selivanov is a unique artist who embodies the type of the last of the pre-revolutionary peasants of Russia: his bracketed hair, his spade beard, girded shirt, the dialect of Russian Pomors. Art historian Mikhail Alpatov compared Selivanov to Niko Pirosmani and Henri Rousseau, while artist Robert Falk, on seeing Selivanov's work for the first time, said: "Protect this!".
12 september – 14 january
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum presents an exhibition-installation dedicated to the 150th anniversary of architect Alexei Shchusev, opening up the early period of the architect's work. The project is based on the collection of Shchusev's architectural graphics that dates from his early years. The collection entered the museum in 2020. This time the templates, sketches and dawings in the "Russian style", most of which relate to the famous Marfo-Mariinsky monastery, will be on show.
23 august – 30 september
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum of presents the exhibition "Stroganovs' Artistic Heritage".
18 august – 8 october
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum of presents the travelling exhibition "Patchwork Mosaic", which includes author's textile works of the winners and diploma holders of the contest "The Art of Modern Sewing - 2023".
15 september – 15 october
The exhibition will present the collection of objects of folk culture and everyday life of the Russian North It was collected by Igor Kochetkov and Inessa Antypko – the married couple - and donated to the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum in 2021. In total, it consists of 236 items from the second half of the XVIIIth to the middle of the XXth centuries, half of which will be presented at the exhibition for the first time: festive costumes, samples of traditional weaving, decorated with folk embroidery, headdresses. The exhibition will also feature household items: chests, spinning wheels and details of the weaving mill decorated with northern carving and painting, bowls with relief and painted decoration, bronze icons, folds and crucifixes, candlesticks. The exhibition will be complemented by archive photographs from historical and ethnographic expeditions to the Russian North: village landscapes, home interiors, portraits of peasant women.
1 october – 1 november
1 january – 31 december
1 january – 31 december
2 may – 30 may
The exhibition "The Art of Ornament" is held within the Year of Teachers and Mentors.
19 june – 30 july
The exhibition "Decorative Art - living beautifully" presents unique exhibits from the collection of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum. They follow the history and evolution of Russian decorative art from the XIX century to the present. The term "applied art" encompasses a certain dualism: on the one hand, these are everyday objects, surrounding people in everyday life, on the other - art objects.