Conference "Decorative Art of Russia. Original artworks of the 20th –21st centuries"

The exhibition demostrated over 200 pieces by contemporary Russian artists, laureats of the state and international awards. The focus was set on the personality of an artist, shining creative energy. The display helps the visitor to uncover new art — unusual, strange, mostly useless in everyday life, but this is the power which forms the cultural environment of the 21st century.

Conference "The Key Decorative Art Trends in the 1960s– 2010s"

Participants discussed the key trends in decorative art of the last 50 years, similarities and differences
all over the territory of the Commonwealth. The conference brought together art historians, art critics
and contemporary artists of Russia and Kyrgyzstan and resulted in sharp discussions. After the event
artists created amazing works in wool, ceramics, metall.

CIS countries representatives took part in an international festival "Oimo" (platform for building dialogues
of cultures and crafts), visited the Kurmanjan Datka Center of Nomadic Civilization, enjoyed the
opportunity to immerse themselves in nomadic culture in ethnographic settlements.The session of the
last day has been held in Issyk-Kul Regional State museum-reserve.