Exhibition "Ornamental Rhythms of Eurasia. From Archaic to Our Times"

Impressive displays demonstrated hundreds of exhibits by the old and contemporary masters, including craftsmen and new generation of artists inspired by tradition. Museums-organizers of Russia and Kazakhstan joined their efforts to demonstrate the mutual sources of decorative art, similarity in
traditions and actual trends all around Eurasia from the old times to our days. The confirmation lies
in similarity of forms and ornaments as well as in signs, symbols and meanings they use.
Brilliant work of curators and exhibition designer resulted in an impressive multicultural picture assembled from hundreds of pieces — big and small objects of decorative art.

Conference "Ornamental Rhythms of Eurasia. Signs. Symbols. Meanings"

The conference was organized by the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum & The National Museum of the Kazakhstan Republic and supported by the Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific
and Cultural Cooperation of the CIS (IFESCCO). It gathered over thirty key experts in decorative
art from nine countries of the Commonwealth. The rich exhibition was a brilliant inspiration for researchers. They discussed artistic features and meanings of the ornaments of the vast territory of the CIS. The texts are published online and offline and now avaliable for specialists any time.