15 may – 14 july
This is the second exhibition of tapestries produced by the famous French manufactory Jules Pansu at the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum . The tapestries were first presented at the museum in 2018 as part of the exhibition "Art de vivre: the art of living the French way". The second exhibition is a much larger project.
12 may – 6 june
53 circles, according to the number of weeks in 2020, return the viewer to every moment of the lived year, conveying the scale and the question: “What was this time sterile from impressions filled with from the outside?” and leaves the viewer alone with the endless reflections of the answer to it.
14 july – 7 november
30 july – 26 august
1 january – 20 january
14 september – 24 october
9 october – 7 november
На протяжении 300 лет в глубинке Рязанской области, городе Кадом, создаются тонкие и изящные игольные кружева – кадомский вениз, сочетающий сложные технологии кружевоплетения и вышивки.
30 october – 3 december
From October 30 to November 28, the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum hosts a personal exhibition of Gamzat Gazimagomedov, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Dagestan. The exhibition is dedicated to the anniversary of the author.
16 november – 10 december
East Meets West Gallery presents a new artistic and musical-poetic project "Visible and Invisible Music", which is the continuation of the curatorial theme of Tatyana Paleyeva engaging in the synthesis of different art forms in one project.
19 november – 25 november
The activities of the famous educator and philanthropist Maria Klavdievna Tenisheva (1858-1928) covered the Smolensk and Bryansk regions, Moscow and St. Petersburg and included education, art, science, and the promotion of Russian culture abroad.
1 december – 12 december
November 27 at the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum will open the third exhibition from the series "Designed and Made!". Designers Tatyana Babkova and Svetlana Katargina will present textile products inspired by the culture of Zaonezhie, an amazing, protected region of Karelia.
4 december – 20 february
The exhibition will feature over 150 exhibits: traditional costumes, the best examples of art crafts, handicraft and author's art of Dagestan masters in the field of metal and wood processing, carpet weaving, ceramics, modern types and techniques of creativity, examples of contemporary and naive art, rare photographs and graphics.
11 december – 23 january
Based on the collection of the collector Mikhail Vilkin and the funds of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, the exhibition provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the extraordinary craft of the masters of the Zlatoust Arms Factory, namely, decorative engraving on steel.
17 december – 9 february
17 декабря 2021 года в залах Всероссийского музея декоративного искусства галерея InGallery представит самый светлый и волшебный проект уходящего года - выставку «Новогодняя история игрушек».
18 december – 12 january
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum opens an exhibition of Danil Karamushkin and Anna Ivanova, winners of the Grand Prix of the "Designed and Made in Russia" competition.
21 january – 10 february
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum opens an exhibition from the series of personal projects of the winners of the “Designed and Made in Russia” competition at the Fashion and Design Center.
10 february – 27 february
Выставка памяти Анны Сокальской, дизайнера, географа, невероятно чуткого художника и человека. На выставке представлены совы из личной коллекции Анны.
4 march – 3 april
The Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation holds an annual exhibition of Moscow theater artists "Results of Season 58" at the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum.
12 march – 10 april
Галерея InGallery представит во Всероссийском музее декоративного искусства выставку «Виктор Николаев. Дикая керамика», посвященную памяти художника-керамиста Виктора Николаева. Ретроспективная выставка охватит весь творческий путь художника – от студенчества до зрелости.
12 march – 10 april
The exhibition "Picturesque Rhapsody on Stone" is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the creative activity of the lacquer miniature artist Svetlana Belovodova. As a miniaturist at the oldest center of Russian lacquer painting, Fedoskino, Svetlana managed to find her own niche in contemporary arts and crafts.
23 march – 10 april
The exhibition from the series “Invented and Made!”. Item designer and artist Uliana Khokhlova will present collections made from recycled cardboard.
31 march – 10 may
In the year of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia, the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum hosts a jubilee exhibition of the Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Neplyuev, one of the brightest representatives of the prestigious line of Gzhel folk craft in small plastic.
16 april – 22 may
Russian artists, the creators of our national cultural heritage - from Russian archaic to avant-garde, have always been inspired by folk art, which was born in the depths of the collective unconscious of the Russian ethnos as evidence of an organic synthesis of the sublime and the everyday, creative fantasy, striving for utopian dreams of beauty and the need the necessity your daily bread by the sweat of your brow.
19 april – 22 may
Introduction (Latin introductio “introduction; introduction”) in biology is the relocation of individuals of any kind of animals and plants outside their natural habitat, to places where they did not live before.
27 april – 13 june
A private collection of locks and keys by Dmitry Zhdanov, illustrating the best works of blacksmithing, created at different times: from the pre-Mongolian and Golden Horde periods (IX-XV centuries) to the first third of the XX century.
20 may – 26 june
Exhibition project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the pioneer organization. On May 19 in 1922, in the building of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, a conference of the youth society was held. Here and then a decision was made to form a children's pioneer organization.
21 may – 26 june
Collector Tatyana Udras presents an exhibition that will combine glass and crystal created at the Leningrad Art Glass Factory (LZHS). This factory, known for its experimental approach and innovative ideas, existed from 1940 to 1997, and once stood on a par with such glassmaking centers as the Italian island of Murano and the French factory Lalique.
20 may – 12 june
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum opens an exhibition of new acquisitions in the wood collection.
12 july – 28 august
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum presents a thematic exhibition "The Aesthetics of Bricolage. Untitled Art", the main exhibition of the project "Festival of Marginal Art: the aesthetics of bricolage", which will run until October 30.
14 september – 19 october
13 september – 10 november
30 september – 30 october
27 september – 25 october
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum has become a partner and venue for the exhibition project "Rays of Light at the Junction of Epochs". Maria Blagoveschenskaya, a well-known Moscow art-manager, producer and owner of the Eternity jewelry house, is the director, curator of the exhibition and author of the exposition.
2 november – 6 november
"Take no kadze - the rustle of the wind in the bamboo grove, the colour of tea, the taste of bamboo" - an exhibition of Japanese art from the project "Nihon no Bi - Japanese Beauty". The exhibition commemorates the 500th anniversary of the birth of the great tea master Sen no Rikyu who formulated the aesthetic principles of tea art and the basic philosophy which, in many ways, became the foundation of contemporary Japanese culture. Followers of his teachings founded three of the most famous tea schools: Omotesenke, Urasenke, and Musyakuji-senke, which still exist to this day.
16 november – 15 december
The exhibition is dedicated to the history of Zaonezhskiy embroidery - one of the largest folk arts and crafts in Karelia. It includes more than a hundred pieces of embroidery from the end of XIX - XX centuries from the collections of museums and archives of Russia. About 30 pieces will be demonstrated to the public for the first time.
16 november – 25 november
"Ordinary Miracle" is the first exhibition of works by prominent Soviet and Russian film artists Mikhail Kartashov (1937 - 1999) and Lyudmila Kusakova (1935 - 2020) covering all kinds of their multifaceted creative work: sketches for films and theatrical productions, paintings, graphics, sculptural art objects and applied art.
11 november – 11 december
On November 11 All-Russian Decorative Art Museum will open the first large-scale solo exhibition of Natalia Zanchevskaya, whose works are the central object of a sensual female image, which has earned the love of the audience long before its appearance in the walls of the museum.
22 november – 28 february
The halls of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum present the best examples of Russian object design. The exhibits include over 200 pieces of furniture, interior items, textiles and tableware.
30 november – 7 december
1 january – 31 december
1 january – 31 december
1 january – 31 december
22 may – 25 july
Natalia Ovsienko is a well-known Russian artist who has been working in the field of painting and graphics for over 20 years. According to the specifics of her creative manner, she belongs to the Moscow school of painting, the founders of which were R. Falk, P. Konchalovsky, I. Mashkov.
20 may – 12 september
2 june – 12 september
4 june – 4 july
Porfiry Fedorin is an original artist who has gone from icon painting to cosmogonic surrealism - this is how the author himself defines his style.
11 june – 28 november
The sculptural project “One Look at Outer Space” was prepared for the unique classic building of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum.
2 september – 21 september
4 september – 3 october
6 october – 14 october
What is the first thing you think of when people talk to you about Moscow? What image pops up in your mind? Subway station, narrow streets, traffic, a flock of pigeons…
19 october – 10 november
ANO "World of Arts - II" together with the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum is holding a gala evening and an exhibition dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Irina Vladimirovna Krutikova.
21 october – 7 november
The ironic and paradoxical view of the world made the name of Andrei Karpov popular among connoisseurs, gallery owners and collectors in many countries of the world.
11 november – 24 november
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum takes part in the Annual International Forum within the framework of the Northern Dimension Partnership in the Field of Culture (NSPC) with the exhibition concept “DESIGN! INDUSTRY! CREATIVITY! Cultural Code of Russia.
16 november – 28 november
Exhibition of employees of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum.
3 december – 19 december
Pottery is an ancient craft. In almost all craft centers, the clay toy was part of pottery. They sculpted it together with dishes, filled the free space in the forge with it. The toy became an independent type of folk art only after separating from pottery in the late 18th and early 20th centuries.
17 december – 9 february
В самом сердце Москвы, в залах старинной усадьбы графа Остермана, откроет свои двери уникальная масштабная выставка современной керамики, созданной по ранее утраченной и недавно воссозданной секретной технике керамического искусства великого художника Михаила Врубеля «Ключи от Абрамцева».
16 december – 31 december
Samples of embroidery and lace, brocade and brocade scarves, traditional costumes with headdresses of the 18th-early 20th century and the author's costume of the 60-80s of the 20th century - all the splendor of the collection of fabrics from the collection of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum is presented in this exhibition.
8 december – 26 january
The traditions of Christmas gifts in Russia have deep roots. Under the Christmas tree, one could find sweet gifts, hand-painted round boxes, carved chests, eggs, bells, porcelain sets, miniature items everything was filled with chocolate, caramel, candies and originally wrapped.
3 march – 17 april
From March 3 to April 17, 2022, the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum will host a solo exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the birth of Dmitry Ikonnikov, organized by East Meets West Gallery.
16 april – 11 may
The final exhibition of the personal pop-up projects of the designers, winners of the II All-Russian competition of object design "Designed and made in Russia".
29 april – 26 june
The exhibition presents the best examples of traditional art from the collection of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, made by the masters from the most famous centers of the national artistic culture in Russia.
1 june – 29 june
1 june – 27 july
4 june – 27 july
24 june – 13 july
24 june – 24 july


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9 october – 18 december / 14:00 – 16:00
22 september – 15 december / 19:00 – 21:00
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1 january – 31 december
1 january – 31 december
1 january – 31 december
1 january – 31 december
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