Exhibition "Birth of a Masterpiece"

The All-Russian Decorative At Museum brought to Yerevan masterpieces of its collections — traditional
costumes, utensils, toys, including objects of the 19th century. Such a treasure has been exhibited in
the Yerevan museum of Russian Art for the first time ever. The exhibition gave the key from Russian culture to Armenian public: demonstrated the roots which inspired painters of the turn of the 20th century to create the oils and graphics which later have been purchased by Aram Abrahamyan for his museum. An impressive exhibition attracted lots of people, including hard-to-reach audience of teenagers.

Conference "National Style. From Folk Traditions to Professional Art"

Over fifty museum specialists from nine countries gathered in a vast Aram Khachaturian Museum conference hall. They discussed attribution, approaches to exhibiting and promotion of decorative
art, but the focus was set on the unique national style in every country — its roots and actualization in the 21st century.