01 january – 31 december

The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum opens the country's first permanent exposition of national design of the 20th and 21st centuries, "Vesch! Re/Construction". The project includes iconic objects of Soviet designers from the birth of VHUTEMAS School in 1920 to the experimental works of contemporary object designers.

"The project demonstrates the evolution of forms and principles of design, changing in line with the challenges of the time. The work of contemporary artists is not highlighted as a separate era, but shows the continuity of the creative idea. This is another step of the Museum towards the preservation and development of the Object Design Foundation in Russia," says Elena Titova, director of the All-Russian Decorative Art. Museum.

The project will comprise over 50 exhibits of object design from the collection of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, Alexander Rodchenko and V. Stepanova Foundation, private collections, and items from the winners of the contest "Designed and Made in Russia".

The exposition is divided into 5 thematic zones: 

1. samples of residential interiors of the Soviet era, presented at the annual "Art to Life" exhibitions;
2. The search for a universal method and new design for the new man in the activities of VHUTEMAS-VHUTEIN;
3. Conceptual design: working with the ambiguity of metaphor, creating a non-standard image (concept) of a familiar object;
4. experimental design - unique experiments of designers with material and form;
5. Modern copyright design

The exposition "Vesch! Re/Construction" will start with an interior zone demonstrating the integrity of the design culture of the USSR period.

The digitised archive materials (wallpaper, interior designs) including those from the archives of the NIIChP will be shown for the first time. The exhibition will include works by outstanding designers of the VKhUTEMAS-VKhUTEIN school, conceptual and industrial designers of VNIIHE and VKTIM, such as A. Rodchenko, E. Lisitsky, N. Suetin, A. Damsky, A. Lavrentyev, I. Presnetsova, A. Ermolaev, E. Bogdanov, A. Sikachev, Y. Sluchevsky, Y. Musarov, as well as contemporary authors.

Vera Savelieva, head of the Object Design Fund at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Art, curates the exposition.