Exhibition "Times. People. Life. Art Space of the 20th Century. Textile Story"

"Fashion is always inspired by youth and nostalgia and often — by the past". The exhibition in Minsk reveals trends in textile of the last 50 years. Difficult, crucial times defined the lifes of designers and their artworks. Looking back we understand that both in Russia and Belarus the artists chose the same sources of inspiration — folk art, Russian avant-garde, powerful images of the wartime and dreams of the future. Similar trends in art prove that the Union State of Russia and Belarus possedes inseparable cultural space.

Round Table "Folk Art as a Tool of Intercultural Dialogue of Belarus and Russia"

The Round Table has been held with participation of the Embassy of Russia in Belarus, ICOM Belarus,
Belarus State University of Culture and Art, Belarus State Academy of Art. Organizers: All-Russian Decorative Art Museum & National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus.