1 january – 31 december
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum opens the country's first permanent exposition of national design of the 20th and 21st centuries, "The Thing! Re/Construction". The project includes iconic objects of Soviet designers from the birth of VHUTEMAS School in 1920 to the experimental works of contemporary object designers.
30 january – 31 december
The new exposition reveals surprising aspects of Russian folk life and shows the rarest examples of the folk art from the museum's collection, which was started by the Russian patron of art Sergey Timofeyevich Morozov at the end of the XIXth century.
30 january – 24 april
Ilya Yevdokimov, a famous theatre and film artist, will present his project - "Pryalkosaurus" at the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum.
22 march – 19 may
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum and the Museum of V.A. Tropinin and Moscow artists of his time open the exhibition, presenting more than 600 items of miniature art of the XVIII - XX centuries.
5 april – 5 may
The exhibition "Revived Tradition. The bone carving art of Taymyr" is a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the works of the best masters of modern bone carving, combining the ancient traditions of the culture of the Far North and the traditions of new art, including avant-garde. The masters do not just repeat old forms - they create new images on the edge of dream and reality, showing the incredible vitality of ancient bone-carving art and the limitless plastic potential of the material. And the material is the bone of two great animals: the reindeer, which accompanies the life of northern peoples from birth to death, and the mammoth, which is older than man as a species. From its tusks, preserved in the permafrost of the Taymir, the peoples of the peninsula cut everything, even utensils.
12 april – 19 may
Textiles create texture, tactility, they allow you not to depict, but to evoke a feeling, a memory. The author tries to find a connection between the landscape and memory and the subconscious mind. The world around us is overloaded with information, it is so overwhelming that it knocks us down. It is important to stop, be alone with oneself, listen to one’s memories – this returns a state of harmony.
1 january – 31 december
1 january – 31 december
2 may – 30 may
The exhibition "The Art of Ornament" is held within the Year of Teachers and Mentors.