18 july

July 18. The first meeting of the Expert Council on Creative Industries of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum of took place. This is a unique structure created for consulting, methodological and analytical support of the museum's new activities.

Elena Titova, director of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, was elected chairman of the council:

"The museum has a historically formed confidence that it has its place within the epicentre of the request for the connection of creative potentials and material-industrial sector. This confidence goes back to the mission of the Crafts Museum at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. At that time, thanks to patrons of the arts, craftsmen and artists, it was possible to form a national-romantic style, a system of training and even distribution of the goods they produced. Today, based on the historical experience of the Craft Museum and the arts and crafts heritage, we are confident that the museum does act as a relevant space for the development of sectoral links and for experiments based on rethinking the multi-layered cultural codes of Russia, which help to find new design solutions".

The Museum's Expert Council plans to launch interdisciplinary projects that carry not only an educational and cultural mission, but also meet the sustainable agenda and most pressing challenges of creative industries development.


The Expert Council includes prominent figures from different areas of the creative economy and the business sector:

/ Alexander Gagiev - Director of Creative Industries and Talent Engagement at HiFi streaming service Sound;

/ Ekaterina Cherkes-zadeh - Director of the ASI Centre for Creative Economy Development;

/ Victoria Andreyanova - designer, founder of the fashion house VICTORIA ANDREYANOVA;

/ Dina Nasyrova - Vice-President of the International Jewellery Exhibition J-1, Director of the brand IlgizF;

/ Olga Rozet - art historian, designer, decorator, lecturer at the British Higher School of Design;

/ Igor Chapurin - designer, founder of CHAPURIN fashion house;

/ Roman Efremov - author of social media "Calendar of Fashion Events", founder of ERD showroom, President of the Russian Fashion Weeks Association;

/ Svetlana Bik - Head of the expert-analytical platform "Infrastructure and Finance of Sustainable Development";

/ Alexander Zilbert, Director for Information Policy and Corporate Communications, LSR Group.