Путеводитель по фондам Всероссийского музея декоративного искусства

This publication is the first experience of creating such a reference guide to the collection of the All- Decorative Art Russian Museum, which has more than 250,000 items.

The publication was prepared by the curators of the collection and is a systematic list of museum collections with a description of their composition and content, as well as the history of the formation and scientific description of the collection. The guide consists of nine sections. Descriptions of funds are grouped according to the principle of storage - according to the material of the collection items: fabrics, metal and stone, precious metals, wood and bone, lacquer miniature, ceramics, glass; by types of sources: manuscripts and scientific documentation, visual materials and printed sources. The publication is supplied with a scientific reference apparatus - a list of abbreviations, bibliography, nominal and geographical indexes.

The book is addressed to museum workers, researchers, students, teachers, curators, artists and anyone interested in the history of arts and crafts and design.

“The guide being presented to the reader for the first time provides aggregate information about all the richness, diversity, scientific and artistic potential of the collection of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum. We hope that it will become a popular source for scientific research and artistic practice.”

/ Elena Titova, director of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts