18 may – 28 july

"We are pleased to present to the audience a new exhibition with the wonderful title "Melody of Folk Beauty". The museum space will be decorated with nine stage costumes of the famous Russian singer Nadezhda Nikitichna Kadysheva. The costumes are exhibited for the first time. Each costume is a separate image that embodies the richness and joy of the singing folk soul. Thanks to this wonderful gift, the Museum starts to form a new direction of the museum collection - "Star costume". The travelling exhibitions of the Museum to the regions of Russia will be formed with the inclusion of this new magnificent collection", - shared the details Elena Titova, Director of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum.

Passionate about Russian traditions, the creators of the theatre studied in detail and thoroughly folk costume, sundresses and sleeveless jackets sewn with gold and silver, which later formed the basis for the creation of concert costumes. It was the knowledge of Russian costume that brilliantly manifested itself in the creation of details of the artiste's outfits, the peculiarities of their cut. When working on such an outfit, the design of individual elements was flitered through the singer’s own numerous comments: how the costume should change when moving on stage, which details should be visible from the parterre and which from the upper rows of the concert hall. It is noteworthy that each magnificent set of Nadezhda Kadysheva's clothes emphasises the thoroughness of the Russian national character.

It is worth noting that the dresses and capes are made of high quality fabrics - satin, chiffon, wool, generously trimmed with natural fur, embroidery, applications, embroidered with silk thread, sequins and beads. Headdresses are stylised under various kinds of Russian kokoshniks and fur hats. Most of the embroideries are handmade.

The collection includes costumes that were used in the music videos for the songs "Ah, fate, my fate", "You are my fallen maple", "New Year's Night", as well as the image for the first solo performance in the Kremlin in 1991.

The singer's outfits were created by specialists of art workshops in Orenburg and Vologda. For example, the authorship of the shirt-dress and satin sundress-tunic with embroidery belongs to designer Alexandra Gruzinova. As with other dresses, this one is a fantasy on the theme of Russian folk costume: embroidered sleeves and shoulders, applications on the hem and shoulders, the use of red as the main colour identified with beauty. And the authorship of the velvet caftan coat made especially for the music video for the song "There was a carriage at the church" belongs to designer Viktor Leontiev. He created the costume in 1988. This luxurious image is made of velvet, silk, natural fur, embroidery and applications of beads and sequins.

The theatre "Golden Ring" will take part in the action "Night of Museums" of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum! On 18 May at 18:00 People's Artist of Russia Nadezhda Kadysheva will open the exposition of her stage costumes. All the presented outfits were part of the archive fund of the National Theatre of Folk Music and Song "Golden Ring", which has been engaged in preservation and popularisation of traditional folk culture for more than 20 years. Currently, part of the archive collection has been transferred to the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation and will be presented in the museum space for the first time.

Grigory Kadyshev-Kostyuk, director of the Golden Ring Theatre, said: "This exhibition is a special opportunity for us to share part of our heritage with the general public and show them the beauty and diversity of traditional Russian culture. "Golden Ring" has made a huge contribution to the development and popularisation of folk song, this collection reflects not only the history of our theatre, but also the rich history of our country. I think it is important to appreciate and respect the creative and cultural heritage that is passed on through every costume created and every song performed. The museum will become not only a repository of cultural wealth, but also a meeting place for fans of traditional art, giving joy and inspiration".

The jewel of the evening will be a bright immersive show - dances, songs, outfits, jokes and lively dialogue will recreate the atmosphere of a folk festival.