As part of the IV Biennale of Object Design Competition "Designed and Made in Russia", the All-Russian Decorative Arts Museum, together with leading industry experts, initiated the creation of a Manifesto on Design for a Closed-Cycle Economy and Sustainable Development.

Along with the well-known Manifestos of the community "Design Declares" (UK), Orbyt design studio "Slow Design" (Latvia, Spain) and "The Nighttime Manifesto" (Netherlands, Germany), we have developed a document that will help draw attention to contemporary problems and actualise the role of design in solving them, as well as act as an open platform for introducing new trends and approaches.

In 2017, more than 700 professional associations signed the World Design Declaration in Montreal, where one of the key theses is: "Design is the engine of innovation and competition, growth and development, efficiency and prosperity. Design is the vehicle for sustainable solutions created for the sake of people and the planet we rely on."

Our Manifesto provides an understanding of the terminology, principles, role and challenges of design in a circular (cyclical) economy, emphasising responsible design of products and services.

It is a living document that will start a great discussion on the role of circular (cyclical) design in today's world. Every action we take has consequences that can affect the system, people's lives and the planet. We ask for your support and feedback!


The authors of the Manifesto are:

1. Bik Svetlana Bik, head of the expert-analytical platform "Infrastructure and Finance of Sustainable Development", author of the Telegram-channel "100%_Green";

2. Olga Glagoleva, eco-activist, artist, co-founder and artistic director of the sustainable development movement GO Circle and upcycling atelier "TO-NA-TO", teacher of Sustainable Fashion at the British Higher School of Design;

3. Yaroslava Galaiko, object designer, artist, winner of "Designed and Made in Russia" in the category "Furniture", finalist of RoPlastic Prize;

4. Ekaterina Egorova, founder of the Moscow Circular project;

5. Anastasia Krylova, Head of the Fashion and Design Centre of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum;

6. Elena Medvednikova, interior designer, founder and head of the interior design studio SVOBODA, lecturer at the British Higher School of Design;

7. Pavel Rodkin, PhD in Art History, Associate Professor at the School of Communications of the National Research University Higher School of Economics;

8. Maria Stepanova, Head of Object and Industrial Design at the School of Design, National Research University Higher School of Economics.