01 january – 31 december

This tour will cover the porcelain made in this country between the 1920s and the 1980s. All landmark events of Soviet history found their echo in artistic porcelain. The museum possesses a unique collection of propaganda porcelain. It includes designer pieces of the most famous artists who worked with this material: S. Chekhonin, M. Adamovich, R. Wilde, N. Danko, Z. Kobyletskaya, A. Schekotikhina-Pototskaya, M. Ivashintseva. These works exist either in a single copy or in replicas made by the authors. You will also see products of the Leningrad, Dulevo and Dmitrov factories and find out their similarities, on the one hand, and distinguishing features, on the other. In addition, you will have an opportunity to learn the origin of the expression “on a silver platter” (in Russian: “on a blue-rimmed plate”) and where the teacups held by the female characters in Boris Kustodiev’s pictures were painted.

One of the largest sections in terms of the number of exhibits is dedicated to the designer porcelain of the 1960s to the 1980s. It features unique works of leading artists: A.A. Leporskaya, N.P. Slavina, V.M. Gorodetsky, I.S. Olevskaya (Leningrad Porcelain Factory); A.D. Brzhezitskaya, P.S. Leonov, A.G. Sotnikov, E.I. Gatilova (Dulevo Porcelain Factory); B.E. Kalita, S.M. Orlov, E.P. Smirnov, Yu.B. Ganrio (Dmitrov Porcelain Factory).

Date / Time: by appointment
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
group of up to 5 people – 1500 ₽
group of up to 15 people – 3300 ₽

Entrance tickets are purchased on the day of the program

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