11 august – 23 march

As part of the III Biennale "Invented and Made in Russia" we are launching a business programme that will bring together leading researchers and practitioners actively involved in the development of the industry. The goal is to showcase current processes in the industry from the perspective of different disciplines and fields, expanding the understanding of design and its role through new knowledge and research challenges.

Designers, producers, producers, teachers, design critics, ESG and industry policy specialists will discuss the necessary infrastructure for creating a modern and competitive product in Russia and supporting the professional community.

The business programme consists of 7 sessions: design criticism, education, responsible design and production, materials science, design policy and promotion.

/ Recording of the online discussion "Design criticism: forecasts for the future", 11 August;
/ Recording of the online discussion "Design politics: Russian cases", September 29;
/ Recording of the online discussion "Circular Design: Responsible Production in Russia" on October 27;
/ Recording of the online discussion "Design Business: Promotion and Sales" on December 15;
/ Recording of online-discussion "Design dialogue: Central Asia - Russia" on January 26;
/ Recording of online discussion "Design education in Russia: a history of relationships on February 16;
/ March 23, 19:00. Online-discussion "Design Diplomacy and Networking".