The first part is the paintings of amateur artists shown in 1937 at the All-Union Exhibition of Amateur Artists dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the October Revolution in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

The works shown there were partly created especially for the exhibition; they were selected by sketches and on the basis of that selection the canvases, paints, and monetary remuneration were sent to the authors; other works though were created earlier. The works were purchased by the Glaviskusstvo commission from the exhibition and transferred to the Tretyakov Gallery. In the 1950s, the State Tretyakov Gallery transferred these works to the Moscow Regional House of Folk Art. In 1960, the Moscow Regional House of Folk Art gave them as samples to the Correspondence People's University of Arts. In 2001, the Correspondence People's University of Arts transferred them to the State Russian House of Folk Art.

To date, just a few works of that period have survived reflecting the process of formation of fine amateur art in the 1920s and 1930s. These works bear witness to the outlook of their era, and are a unique monument of idealistic post-revolutionary ideas about the new art of the new Soviet man.

This section includes the following authors: V.Vasilyev, Grishin (initials unknown), L.P.Emuranov, Y.M.Lobichev, B.G.Metelkin, Pivovarov (initials unknown), A.E.Semykin, V.Syrov, N.F.Tochilkin, M.I.Utkin.