The collection of modern jewelry and enamel art consists of more than 2,000 pieces. The collection is one of the best and most complete not only in Russia, but also among European museums. The collection has been formed since 1986 and includes works by Russian artists, jewelry art of all the former USSR republics, artists from USA, Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain.

The collection is the result of active and regular work of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum staff in organizing and conducting international contests of modern jewelry and enamel art. The works of the contestants were also exhibited in Italy, Germany and Poland.

At the beginning of the 1970s, the art of enamel began to attract the attention not only of applied art masters, but also of painters, graphic artists, muralists and designers. The creative collaboration of artists of different directions helped to unite the best authors and contributed to the formation of a new artistic representation of enamel in contemporary art. The artist became the main figure shaping the enamel art of today and tomorrow. Each author's work is distinguished by its individuality and uniqueness. The author's idea dictates the choice of material and technical technique to reveal the conceptual idea.

Enamel, radiant, colorful, delicate, is capable of the most unexpected transformations in the hands of the artist. This art can be compared with impressionist painting, as it is so lyrical and subtle and conveys the artist's mood. Modern enamel art uses the most various techniques: cloisonné enamel, cast enamel and poured enamel. These techniques are used to create both the general outline of the figure and the main image. Enamel painting addresses both real visual imagery and pictorial abstraction.

One of the main features of the collection is that all pieces are made by artists as competitive exhibition pieces. Among the authors, whose works are included in the collection of the museum, are laureates and diploma holders of international competitions: F.A. Kuznetsov, O.V. Kuznetsova, V.V. Goncharov, G.V. Bykov, G.G. Lentsov, I.Y. Kolesnikova, A.A. Dorodnov. The authors themselves regard their work solely as creative, easel, conceptual, not limited by the rigid frameworks of specific functionality, as a kind of module-concepts that, if desired, can be transformed into products more practical and mainstream. The collection of modern jewelry and enamel art demonstrates an organic combination of traditions in these genres and innovative and creative solutions.