На просвет. Художественное стекло советской и постсоветской эпох

2019 год

The All-Russan Decorative Art Museum presents a large-scale retrospective exhibition project “Lucidity. Artistic glass of the Soviet and post-Soviet eras”, dedicated to art glass of the XX-XXI centuries from the museum collection.

The exhibition brings together about 400 works of art glass, many of which have not been exhibited before and will be shown for the first time. Starting from the first experiments of the late 1930s, associated with the names of Vera Mukhina, Alexei Uspensky, Nikolai Tyrsa, through the period of discoveries and the heyday of glass factories in the 1960s-1980s, to the original author's glass of the 1990s and studio trends in artistic glassmaking at the beginning of the 21st century.

The exhibition presents works-legends: “Wind” by Vera Mukhina, “Glassblowers” ​​by Boris Smirnov, “Royal Picnic” by Ivan Machnev, “Fern” by Leida Yurgen, “Splash of Waves” by Adolf Kurilov, “Falconers” by Lyubov Savelyeva, “Gulliver’s Journey” by Fidail Ibragimov, "Symbol" by Sergei Travnikov, "Rain" by Yulia Merzlikina and others.

The collection of art glass of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum is one of the largest and has about 4,000 items. For 40 years, the best specialists in this field, including Svetlana Kavetskaya, Olga Polyashova, Elena Dolgikh, have replenished the fund with selected works from numerous all-Union exhibitions, from the art fund of the Artists Union, the funds of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR and the RSFSR. Thanks to painstaking selection and the search for an individual approach to each author, the museum has formed a unique collection of domestic original author's glass.