Irina Pavlovna Rabotnova (1907 – 1991) was a candidate of art history and an artist. Graduated from VHUTEIN, Moscow Textile Institute. In 1955, she defended her dissertation "Decorative solution of Russian women's folk dress of the XIX – XX centuries.

Published books and articles: "On the Semantics and Content of Folk Art", "History of Arts and Crafts according to Archival Materials", "Textiles and Costume in State Industry", "Pskov Land and the Russian North". "The experience of the Art Industry Research Institute in the use of machine embroidery in combination with hand embroidery in the design of artistic products", "Plots and composition of ornament and embroidery of the Russian North". She is the author of a monograph "Embroidery and Lace".

The archival materials include several sections: manuscripts of books, monographs, articles, reports and lectures on subjects connected with the history of Russian folk costume, ornament, lacework and embroidery, materials related to the period of Irina Pavlovna's work at the Art Industry Research Institute as a scientific employee, materials from expeditions and research trips, collection of watercolours and photos of Russian folk art samples, which she brought back from expeditions and research trips.