The collection of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum possesses a truly unique collection of original jewellery made in the experimental laboratories of the Research Institute of the Art Industry and the jewellery centres of the USSR. Behind each of them are names such as Sergey Budanov, Zinaida Zenkova, Maria Tone, Yuta Paas-Aleksandrova, Natalia Bykova and many others.

This section is of particular historical and artistic value because it reflects all the stages in the difficult period of jewelry making during the Soviet period, the dynamics of forming new aesthetics of understanding the role of jewellery in the public consciousness, the search for modern style in the art and culture of jewellery made of precious metals.

Every year the collection of jewellery art made in the 1960s-1990s by modern jewellery makers acquires greater and greater historical and artistic value. These are works by artists whose creations have shaped a new understanding of jewellery and changed the content and culture of jewellery. The collection contains the most striking and conceptual works, which have "formulated" innovative creative ideas and artistic solutions.