The collection of artistic stone as one of the most important materials for decorative and applied art has been forming since the foundation of the museum. Starting with just a few items, it now counts more than 3,000 items and continues to grow.

The exhibits of the collection give a vivid idea of the history of stone processing in our country from the inception of the trade up to our days. The earliest of them date back to the XII century. These are fragments of architectural decor of the famous Dormition Cathedral in Vladimir.

In the XVIII-XIX centuries, the main centers of stone-cutting art were the Imperial Peterhof, Yekaterinburg and Kolyvanovskaya lapidary factories. At the end of the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX century the most prominent role was played by St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg masters. The Museum's collection includes original works by all pre-revolutionary stone-cutting centers of Russia.

A special place in the collection of the museum belongs to the Soviet and post-Soviet period. Unique items of stone-cutting art that brought world fame to their creators at international art-industry exhibitions sit side by side with the most colorful and interesting samples of serial production of such famous enterprises as "Russian Samotsvety", "Bornukovskaya Cave", Kungurskaya and Ural stone-cutting artels and others. But even mass-produced items due to the unique natural properties of the material have individual features that make them exclusive in their own way.

Thanks to ongoing research work of museum employees a significant part of the collection is no longer "nameless". This allows to understand the work of masters and artists, whose names are inextricably linked with the achievements of Russian stone-carving art. The museum collection includes works by: N.V.Alexandrov, L.S.Antyushin, P.A.Balandin, S.M.Budanov, F.M.Gabov, S.I.Dozorov, N.B.Kvitnitskaya, P.A.Kurysheva, M.V.Kuznetsova. V. Kuryshev, M.G. Lisunov, E.V. Nikolaev, A.M. and F.P. Ovchinnikov, M.D. Rakov, P.V. and F.I. Rubtsov, P.V. Sangursky, M.A. Tone and many others.

A separate, unparalleled in quality and diversity of the presented materials, the collection consists of Tuvan small sculptural art, demonstrating the creative achievements of all the leading masters of the Republic and covering the period from the 1930s to the 2000s.