02 may – 30 may

The exhibition "The Art of Ornament" is held within the Year of Teachers and Mentors.

The collection of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum includes more than 40 thousand various samples of decorative-applied and folk art of Russia. The chronological scope of the collection covers the period from the end of the XVII century to the present day.

An appeal to the Russian folk art became a vast sphere of application of creative efforts for many artists, in search of their own ways and sources of inspiration. The works of the artists represented in the museum's collection are a vivid reflection of their time. While creating entirely modern works, in their creative pursuits the authors often turned to "eternal themes" - the traditions of Russian architecture, folk art and costumes, and folklore. Using images, materials, and techniques borrowed from traditional art, their rethinking of its method led to interesting artistic results and innovative solutions.

The exhibition entitled "The Art of Ornament" displays the authorial replicas of costumes made by Olga Polikarpova, a mentor at the Moscow Art Theatre School, theatrical costume designer.

The silk shawls presented at "The Art of Ornament" exhibition were created by young designers of Radical Chic, based on tracings by Rostan Tavasiyev (1938-2006). The shawls decorated with motifs, images and symbols of traditional national art were part of the artistic experiment, carried out in 2019 as part of an exhibition project at the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, dedicated to the work of this famous author. Using black and white full-size drawings made by the artist by hand on tracing paper, the young authors applied digital technology, incorporating some additional elements and motifs, experimenting with colour to create essentially new shawls, consonant with the new times. The rich heritage of Tavasiyev, creatively revisited, has received a new reading, and the designers believe it has become relevant today in touch with the aesthetic aspirations of the modern man.