19 april – 22 may

The classical Avant-garde puts the square (four-part principle) as the basis of matter, unites space and time into a single four-dimensional space-time, and thus subordinates time to space. On this basis, civilization achieves tremendous success, but today it again finds itself in front of the “closed doors” of reality, in an anxious experience from the awareness of the limitations of the physical nature of man and in a desperate desire for an unnatural overcoming of these limitations and man himself along with them.

There is an urgent need for the New Avant-garde, which will take the next evolutionary step: it will take time out of the power of space and lay the foundation for not one, but two foundations: space and time / square and circle / visible and invisible / physical and mental.

It is this New Avant-garde that Alex Goncharenko creates with his work. The exhibition "The New Avant-Garde: Displacement of Time" is a visualized artist's experience of intuitively overcoming the dead ends of mechanical civilization through the mental organization of time displacement, freeing it from the oppression of space and finding its own existential basis.

The visual environment of Alex Goncharenko is healingly balanced. Based on the threefold principle of harmony. Past - present - future are not deployed in an endless line, as in modern science, but are folded into a triangle. This allows the artist to look at time as the Whole and work constructively with it, looking into the future to any desired depth, at the characteristic times of the New Age, the New Avant-garde.

The artist as a new Oracle heralds a new geometrized reality, part of the basis of which has been transferred from the sphere of the “material” to the sphere of the “ideal”. He unpacks the meaning of Plato's statement that the Cosmos and Man are made of triangles, reminding us of the cosmic nature of man in times of total fascination with metauniverses and digital avatars.

Over the past 30 years, Alex Goncharenko’s creative path has been in close collaboration with Vitaly Patsyukov (1939 – 2021), an outstanding Soviet and Russian art critic and curator, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts. The exhibition New Avant-Garde: Shifting Time is to a large extent the result of this collaboration. As a sign of deep respect and gratitude, the exhibition is dedicated to the blessed memory of Vitaly Patsyukov.