12 june – 21 july

The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum is opening an exhibition that will present the works of unique artists from all over Russia who work with wood. These are masters from Tomsk, Moscow, Kirov regions, Crimea, Tatarstan, Sevastopol, Lugansk, Vladivostok. People of different ages, temperaments, destinies, they are united by the main thing - the magic of wood!

At the exhibition you will see psychological portraits, abstract sculptures, decorative panels and objects that seem to have emerged from the depths of fantasy and dreams, when the artist follows the shape of the rhizome, the curves of the trunk and branches. These are rough, tough, smart, wrinkled faces of soldiers in the sculptural portraits "Vasily Terkin" and "Shtrafbat" by Viktor Golubev, who was awarded the prestigious Sergei Konenkov Medal, and tender, soft, thin faces of artist Mikhail Ilyaev and actress Sophia Loren created by Alexander Kozlov.

Wood can become the basis for a metaphysical sculpture, as in the work of Anna Darbinian, a teacher of the Russian Academy of Crafts, or it can turn into a whimsical dream, a new and unprecedented form, as in the works of Alla Persiyanenko, Boris Frolov or Nikolai Zaitsev, the winner of the Golden Hands of Russia competition.

You will see some works in the most complex traditional techniques of "marquetry" (wooden mosaic) by Tatiana Gorina and "boule" (inlay, widely used in the XVIII century at the court of French kings) by Dmitry Krivobokov. On the other hand, you will get acquainted with highly individual work of such great masters as Vladimir Bogomolov, winner of the Russian Prize of Arts, or Vladimir Meshcheryakov, whose artefacts are kept in private collections all over the world.

The idea of the exhibition belongs to the People's Master of Russia Victor Sudnov, who together with art historian Irina Antipina became the actual founders of a separate school of wood carving. The organizers of the exhibition are the Artderevo section of the Creative Union of Decorative and Applied Arts Artists.