19 april – 22 may

Introduction (Latin introductio “introduction; introduction”) in biology is the relocation of individuals of any kind of animals and plants outside their natural habitat, to places where they did not live before.

Within the framework of the "Introduction" project, the contemporary works of teachers and students of the Moscow State Stroganov Academy’s two departments - "Artistic ceramics" and "Furniture design" – get relocated, or introduced to the main expositions of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum. These will be individual cases of integration or installation in situ.

The traditional form today is like a transport virus, through which the life-giving inoculation of new thinking is delivered. Today this is one of the main takes on the creative process when the projects of the Artistic Ceramics Department are concerned. Design thinking at the Department of Furniture Design is fundamentally different from that of the artistic one and the difference is that any project is based on a cross-cutting idea or concept, to which the solution of all secondary elements and details is subject. The main idea can be literary (metaphorical), figurative, tectonic, technological, economic, stylistic or any other. But its very presence and clear verbal designation is fundamental.

More than 20 teachers and students of the Moscow State Stroganov Academy will participate in the exibition

Here are some notable examples of their various “Introductions”:

The permanent exposition “Russian style. From Historicism to Modernity”. There the work “Lighthouse” (chamotte, colored glazes, enamels, wood) by Efrosiniya Elatomseva will be located. The work is part of the graduation project “Assembly Point”, which embodies the author’s thoughts on the subject of a person’s life path. There also will be her| sculpture “from Stonehenge to graffiti”, offering to think about a combination of "hooligan" painting on the verge of vandalism and traditional art.

The exhibition "Traditional Folk Art" will house mobile racing stools "Troll" for the duration of the project. Each "troll" of Elizaveta Andreiko has a rope tail, with which you can make a "train" by tying several trolls together.

The exposition "Gallery of Soviet Porcelain" presents several works of students, including the propaganda plate "Everything is fine, but it needs to be redone" by Daria Moskvicheva. “In the classroom, when we show sketches to our teachers, we often hear, “everything is fine, but it needs to be redone!” This expression has already turned into a meme, so when we got the task to make an agitation plate, I decided to make it with this phrase,” says the author of the plate, Daria Moskvicheva.

The exhibition "Decorative and Applied Arts of the 18th - the first third of the 19th century" will feature the work of Arthur Bakhtin (teacher of the Moscow State Stroganov Academy) "Object F60.8" - a classic enameled white bathtub on cast iron and polished legs. Its walls contain many non-through, blind and rhythmically repeating holes with a diameter of about 2 mm, where a filiform dental needle made of black carbon steel is inserted into each hole.


Anikuiba Stefania
Baroeva Kristina
Bakhtin Artur
Blinova Ekaterina
Vasilyeva Ekaterina
Welsh Natalia
Gavrilova Kristina
Goncharova Maria
Butler Lily
Dozortseva Anastasia
Drieva Daria
Elatomtseva Euphrosinia
Zabelina Ekaterina
Kim Sofia
Koltsova Alena
Kosyanin Misha
Lakuti Tatiana
Lykova Anna
Maksimova Polina
Molkanova Anna
Moskvicheva Dasha
Peterbarg Maria
Popova Elizabeth
Semenova Elizabeth
Tolmashova Daria
Khlebtsevich Natalia
Cheburashkins Elena and Kirill
Chervonnaya Anastasia
Cherkasova Julia
Shabaeva Julia
Yudina Elena