25 november – 17 april

Installation "Pavilion XX"
DNK ag. 2021

"Pavilion XX" commemorates the 20th anniversary of DNK ag, founded in 2001 by Daniel Lorenz, Natalia Sidorova and Konstantin Khodnev. DNK* (DNK in Russian is the same is DNA, the word play the authors hint at) is not just the name of an architectural group, based on the first letters of the founders' names, but a kind of corporate code which underlies all the activities of the company and each project. DNK ag creates not just structures, but an interesting and meaningful environment which forms a variety of life scenarios.

"Pavilion XX" is about looking at familiar things from a different angle. The brick - a sturdy and solid material - forms the openwork structure of the 4-tiered (2022 version) "rotunda" with a diameter of 3.9 m. Thanks to the backlighting, it is duplicated by an intangible structure formed by the play of shadows.

"Pavilion XX" is a work of boundary and emptiness. We consider the qualities of space as unused, empty/full, permeable/impermeable. We create a pure free space, self-valuable in its own right.

"An idea is expressed by sensations. The sensations are translated into forms and materials, defined by the interplay between them, to generate an initial feeling through the construction. The overall solution is determined by the details. The environment and the buildings we create highlight the richness of reality and infuse the context with new properties and meanings," says Daniel Lorenz, architect and co-founder of DNK ag.

"Pavilion XX is composed of 420 hand-formed KOLUMBA (™) bricks from Petersen Tegl in two colours. The Petersen Kolumba™ fine clinker in a non-standard format was invented by Petersen Tegl together with the Pritzker Prize winning architect Peter Zumthor in 1997 during his work on the project for the reconstruction of the Cologne Archbishopric Museum "Kolumba". Peter Zumthor was inspired by the ancient Roman masonry discovered beneath the museum, hence the unusual format of the new bricks. Petersen Tegl has been in existence since 1791 and remains a family enterprise in its 8th generation. It is regarded as one of the few that continues to produce handmade bricks by the wet plastic moulding method and fires them with charcoal using traditional technology.

Authors: D. Lorenz, N. Sidorova, K. Khodnev, P. Shvetsov, A. Sapuntsov, S. Lunin (company ARCHITAIL)

Awards: Best Installation at the 26th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH Moscow 2021, June 3-6, 2021. Participant in the Modern Architecture in the Courtyard MUAR exhibition project, October 2021-October 2022

Partners of the installation: ARCHITAIL, CENTRSVET, QUICK-MIX (Sievert brand), MANDERS

The installation "Pavilion XX" is exhibited in the museum courtyard.