07 july – 04 august

The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum in collaboration with Gorky Park opens a special project - a photo exhibition "Design in the Park". 20 works by contemporary Russian designers - shortlisted nominees of the III All-Russian competition-biennale of object design "Designed and made in Russia" held by the museum since 2018– are greeting the visitors at the arch of the main entrance,.


A carpet by the young designer Ulyana Yolkina was brought from St. Petersburg especially for the photo shoot in the park. Her “Thw two Thousandths” Tufted Carpet collection was submitted in the Youth category and one of the carpets was exhibited in the museum at the Designed and Made in Russia exhibition this autumn. The second carpet was presented for the photo exhibition in Gorky Park. The picturesque clearing in front of the first astronomical pavilion installed in the Park back in 1929 was chosen for the photosession.


The exhibition in Gorky Park presents a topical cross-section of Russian design: ceramics, glass and porcelain, objects made of recycled plastic, wood, light and textiles: the lampshades by Lilia Makarova (SHALIDESIGN) and Paper Design® are assembled by hand from non-flammable paper using the origami technique, without the use of additional framing. The "Uryndyk" chair by Pyotr Safiullin (YARATAM), which won the grand prize at the Biennale contest "Designed and Made in Russia", reflects the author's vision of the modern chair, the image that first comes to mind when we hear the word "chair". The vase 'Stretching' by Anastasia Krupina, made of earthenware by the slip casting method, breaks the usual stereotype of a porcelain vase as a rigid and static object. The "Birth of an Apple" chair by Konstantin Verin is made of silicone, wood, ceramics and polymers, its removable part is a sculpture...


To participate in the biennial competition "Designed and Made in Russia" 916 applications were submitted from 84 Russian cities, 215 of them were short-listed and the competition itself was held in three nominations: "Industrial Design", "Studio Design", "Youth" nomination. More than 200 pieces of furniture, interiors, textiles and tableware were selected by an expert jury and presented at an exhibition at the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum of in autumn 2022.


Participants in the photo project: Anastasia Andreeicheva, Peter Bizar, Tatiana Brigadirova, Sofia Ventsislitskaya (Wild One), Konstantin Verin, Alan Vouba, Yaroslava Galaiko, Ulyana Yolkina, Anastasia Kopteva and Alexander Braulov (52 FACTORY), Anastasia Krupina, Natalia Makarova, Lilia Makarova (SHALIDESIGN), Olga Moreinis, Angelina Orlova, Oksana Panfilova (Native_ceramics), Elena Petko (PELE DESIGN), Marina Akilova, Petr Safiullin (YARATAM), Alexander Frucht and Nikolai Bugrov (NODE), Olga Heifits (RUPOR Manufaktura).


Curator of the photo project: Margarita Yudina-Nadezhdina, curator of exhibition projects of the Fashion and Design Centre of All-Russian Museum of Decorative Art.