11 november – 11 december

On November 11 All-Russian Decorative Art Museum will open the first large-scale solo exhibition of Natalia Zanchevskaya, whose works are the central object of a sensual female image, which has earned the love of the audience long before its appearance in the walls of the museum.

About 30 works of the author will be presented in the exposition: paintings and graphics of different formats - from canvases several meters in size to small sheets.

Natalia Zanchevskaya is a graduate of the Urals Academy of Architecture and Art (Faculty of Fashion Design). She has been creating fashion collections for several years and participated in seasonal fashion weeks. After moving to Moscow in 2009, started working as a costume designer in cinema. The most difficult period of the pandemic, the spring of 2020, was a significant period in Natalia's creative life: she returned to work on graphics, began to engage in easel painting. Her canvases found a lively response from many collectors and art lovers. Natalia's works can be found in Yaroslavl Art Museum and private collections in Russia, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Montenegro, Italy, Ukraine, UAE, USA and Switzerland.

The title of the exhibition refers to the phenomenon of "white sound" - a combination of different-wave sounds of the same intensity. It is considered that such noise is the first thing the baby hears in the womb - the beating of its heart, the work of its internal organs and the sound of blood in its vessels. There are too many words, too much information... It is impressive, it is shocking, its abundance is tiring. And, in the end, it all turns into White Sound. Listen to your heart - live your heart. Fly. Do. Help. Dream. Think. Share. Don't listen, but hear; don't look, but see; don't tell, but speak. The exhibition becomes a cure for the informational cacophony of the present, a blissful empty channel, a return to the mother's womb.

Natalia Zanchevskaya uses a minimum of expressive means in her works. The color palette of her works is exquisitely restrained, it is based on natural colors, like shades of earth, leaves, sky and wind. The source of expressiveness is a laconic line that not only outlines the characters' silhouettes, but connects the space of canvases, the figures on them and the viewer. The artist's canvases are airy, filled with intoxicating freedom and silence so dense that her own heartbeat can be felt as a drum roll.

The female image is the key one for the artist. The images seem to be weightless reflections of the transcendent world, which penetrate our world through a portal created from a combination of paints and canvas. One can discern in them the images of ancient female deities, personifications of the forces of nature or a visible embodiment of the human soul - tender, a little vulnerable, but incredibly strong in feeling and experiencing its own freedom. The female characters of Natalia Zanchevskaya magically combine something deeply personal with something ultimate general, close and understandable to everyone.