16 april – 22 may

Russian artists, the creators of our national cultural heritage - from Russian archaic to avant-garde, have always been inspired by folk art, which was born in the depths of the collective unconscious of the Russian ethnos as evidence of an organic synthesis of the sublime and the everyday, creative fantasy, striving for utopian dreams of beauty and the need the necessity your daily bread by the sweat of your brow.

The starting point of the project will be the associative interior of an old Russian hut with a handmade carpet with floral patterns. Household utensils are located nearby.

This installation revealing through its artistic images the basis of the people's worldview will serve as the starting point to the audience’s introduction to the art of today: the works of contemporary authors of various styles and trends will be presented in the museum halls. Those artists and sculptors used precisely the archaic folklore basis of Russian art and the Russian cosmos, which is transforming in various ways into the art of today.

The project will feature works by Igor Dudinsky, Igor Litvinov, Vyacheslav Shcherbina (Sibirsky), Valery Sakhatov, Anatoly Purlik, Zhanna Manske, Dmitry Sukhov and other authors.

Project curator: Vasilisa Litvinova, chairman of the gallery business section of the TSHR

Author of the idea: Igor Dudinsky, art critic

Technical organizer: Olga Mishedchenko, General Director of OM GROUP