01 january – 31 december

In the museum halls children will see the best examples of folk art from different provinces of Russia. Volga carving, flying horses of Mezenskaya paintings and birds of paradise of Boretskaya, moraine oak inlay of Gorodetsky spinning needles, proud bending of Severodvinsky scrapers, - authentic items of folk art, carefully preserved and collected by the museum, will allow children to see the festive world of traditional culture, to understand the way of life of a Russian peasant, inextricably linked with the natural calendar circle, with a tradition, which originated in the culture of the Eastern Slavs, in the rich world of Ancient Russia. In the interactive space of the Educational Center all program participants will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the objects of folk art, hold them in their hands, feel the features of natural materials, as well as spin yarn, iron a linen towel with an old iron - rubel. Children will paint a wooden spoon in the workshop, which will remain as a keepsake of their visit to the museum.

Date / Time: by appointment
Duration: 2 hours
group of up to 15 people + 1 accompanying adult – 7200 ₽
group of up to 10 people – 5200 ₽
group of up to 5 people – 2750 ₽

entrance tickets are purchased on the day of the program 

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