29 january – 31 may

"Cinema and Decorative Art" is a series of lecture-conversations where the project curators, together with invited experts - directors, cameramen, journalists, and artists - parse the language of the subject of decorative and applied art through the language of film through colour and light, composition and framing, graphics and special effects, and the material basis - architecture, interior solutions, everyday objects and design finds, costumes, sets, and jewellery.

The project covers four seasons in 2023: in winter we talk about creating a magical effect in cinema through the themes of jewels and radiance, using fairy tales and early black and white films as examples; in spring we will look at films from the 1960s and talk about design and style in cinema; the relationship of nature and man in documentary and fiction films is the subject of the summer season; in autumn, anticipating large exhibition projects on folk culture at the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum , we will take the theme of the meeting point between the past and the village, a complex figure