The lecture series "The Curator Speaks" is a unique opportunity to meet the main museum heroes: curators . These people - art historians, experts of the museum's collection - will share both the secrets of their profession and tell at times detective stories of the "storage units" themselves - their creation, existence, restoration and exhibition. Lectures from the curators of all the museum's collections - wood and bone, ceramics, glass, fabrics, metal and stone, lacquer miniatures, object design, naive art - are waiting for you. The cycle "The Curator Speaks" implies different formats of meetings - in the form of lectures, author's excursions around the permanent exposition and walks around special temporary exhibitions.

This year the lecture series "The Curator Speaks" is devoted to traditional folk art and folk arts and crafts of the XXth century of different regions of Russia: from the Russian North to the Far East. Museum curators will not only reveal the historical context, key names of masters and researchers, but also present the potential of crafts in the modern world. Temporary exhibitions of recent museum acquisitions, meetings with artists, craftsmen and designers working with folk culture in different ways will present a new life of the tradition.