24 december – 24 december / 16:00

A Christmas performance in two parts. We give the floor to the artist, scriptwriter and director Andrei Pronkin:

“Children and adults are invited to a shadowy performance based on the traditional nativity scene, featuring folk songs, carols, riddles and live music. The musical instruments are varied - psaltery, zither, flute, zhaleika, bouzouki, gong, wargan, rattle and jingle-jangle?.

The first part of the performance is traditional: Mary, Joseph, the birth of the Child Jesus, the adoration of the three wise men, King Herod's palace.

In the second part of the play we go on a journey to Christmas! Many countries celebrate Christmas. And everywhere in their own way. We will visit Poland, Italy, France and other countries and learn about some Christmas traditions and rituals.

Performance ticket for all categories of visitors, per person: ₽1000 (admission to exhibitions, permanent exhibition is included in the ticket price for the performance)

Length of performance: 1 hour

The performance takes place in the museum lecture hall