15 december – 15 december / 19:00 – 20:30

Toys at all times delighted, fascinated and, of course, educated children. The collection of wooden toys and sculptures is one of the largest in the holdings of the Wood and Bone Department of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum. Chronological range - from the early XIX century to the early XXI century, the collection has about 12,000 exhibits.

The craft of wooden toys originated in places where wood craftsmen worked for a long time: carpenters, carvers, turners and joiners. Each area had its own traditions, its own techniques of technical and artistic woodworking. Therefore, wooden toys from different crafts are very diverse. At the next lecture from the series "Keeper's Talk" Anna Volkova, curator of the wood department, will introduce you to some of such toys, typical of the handmade production. Visitors will not only learn the history, technique, typology and evolution of the images, but also see the most popular samples of Bogorodskaya and Gorodetskaya toys and rare toys of the Russian North from the museum collection. A mini-exhibition of the collection of wooden toys will be presented in the space of the lecture hall.