14 october – 22 january

Dear visitors, you are invited to a curatorial tour of the exhibition "New Look. Russian lacquer miniatures”. The exhibition is timed to the edition of the Encyclopedia of lacquer miniatures, which publishes the masterpieces from the collections of Russian museums and private collections (over 500 exhibits). Its author, Ludmila Pirogova, a well-known expert in lacquer painting, an Honoured Culture Worker of the Russian Federation, who was among the originators of the museum, and who managed to build one of the best Russian lacquer painting collections, is celebrating her jubilee this year.

The exhibition is the fruit of many years of creative work with artists from Fedoskin, Palekh, Kholuya and Mstyora. It is a product of tireless study of archive documents and search for forgotten names. Thanks to this selfless scientific and methodical activity, the exhibition today can tell not only about the establishment of Russian centres of lacquer painting, but also about the history of the country in the 21st century, brought to life in the works of talented contemporary artists. "A New Look. Russian lacquer miniatures" is a story of great art, which has generalized the European and oriental experiences, enriching them with national originality. It has aroused enormous interest in the world and became not only the pride of Russia, but also a part of the golden fund of world cultural heritage. At our exhibition you can see for yourself the preservation and high level of Russian lacquer miniature painting. This art has been preserved largely thanks to patrons of the arts, dedicated museum staff and the artists themselves.

The tour is by appointment. Open days of the week from Tuesday to Friday.

Duration: 1 hour
Group of up to 5 people – 1500 ₽
Group of up to 15 people – 3000 ₽

Entrance fees for exhibitions, permanent exhibitions must be purchased separately according to the category of the visitor.

There will be a guided tour of the exhibition on November 4 at 15:00. The duration is 1 hour. The entrance ticket with the guided tour is bought exclusively at the museum ticket office on the day of the tour according to the visitor's category and the exhibit to which the tour takes place. Purchase a ticket


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