01 january – 31 december

The program is devoted to traditional art textiles, their main types, materials and techniques. In the halls of the museum the participants will see women's festive costumes from different provinces of Russia, embroidery, needlework, lace and gold stitching, learn how linen was created in the old days – with a spinning wheel and a weaving mill, interpret " costume language" – the symbolism of its composition, ornament and color. In the interactive space of the Education Center "grandmother's chest" will open its treasures, and guests will be able to explore the "bride's dowry", try on a sundress, a shirt made of homespun fabric, try spinning on an old spinning wheel.

In the workshop participants of the program will make a bookmark for books, decorated in the technique of traditional embroidery.

Date / Time: by appointment
Duration: 2 hours
group of up to 15 people + 1 accompanying adult – 7200 ₽
group of up to 10 people – 5200 ₽
group of up to 5 people – 2750 ₽

entrance tickets are purchased on the day of the program 


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