01 january – 31 december

Russian lacquer painting is part of the world cultural treasure-trove. It has inherited the best practices of the East and West and takes them to a new creative level, enriching them with distinctive features of national identity, gravitas of the characters, and excellence of techniques. Borrowing the best and most interesting aspects of international experience, Russian masters never resorted to primitive copying, but always contributed something new. During the tour, the museum patrons will know what the word “miniature” means and in which country this refined art was born; they will learn about the origins and heyday of lacquer miniature in Russia. 

The guests will admire the inner glow of the colors, as well as the artists’ marvelous skills, variety of techniques and willingness to come up with an instant response to all events taking place in the country. They will get an idea of ​​the Russian lacquer miniature as a gem and striking phenomenon of national culture.

Date / Time: by appointment
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
group of up to 5 people – 1500 ₽
group of up to 15 people – 3000 ₽

entrance tickets are purchased on the day of the program

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