09 september – 23 december

The studio program is built on the principle "from simple to complex". At the first stage, children get acquainted with the capabilities of their bodies, as well as of their tools, develop their coordination, their eye and muscle necessary to perform the precise, verified actions, as well as learn the properties of wood. At the second stage, the students work without clearly defined instructions and drawings in order to independently get acquainted with proportions and shapes, to learn from their own experience how planes and curved surfaces can intersect in space, and also learn how to evaluate labor costs for the implementation of certain ideas. Finally, in the third stage, the students begin to work on structural elements from carpentry practice that require precise, meticulous execution (for example, making tenon joints), as well as on the finished projects that require the manufacture of several parts according to drawings.

For the best effect from the classes, it is recommended to take a course of 8 lessons.

Before the start of the group, the facilitator meets with the parents.

Presenters – Artem Betev and Lev Nochevkin, are professional carpenters and teachers.

The terms of participation:

Each subscription is for 4 lessons. The duration of one lesson within the subscription is 2 hours (with a tea break).

Group – up to 9 participants (Lev Nochevkin).

Group up to 6 participants (Artem Betev).

Subscription schedule:

Groups at 13:00 and in 16:00:

/ 09.09.2023;

/ 16.09.2023;

/ 23.09.2023;

/ 30.09.2023.

Groups at 13:00 and 16:00:

/ 07.10.2023;

/ 14.10.2023;

/ 21.10.2023;

/ 28.10.2023.

Groups at 13:00 and 16:00:

/ 04.11.2023;

/ 11.11.2023;

/ 18.11.2023;

/ 25.11.2023.

Groups at 13:00 and 16:00:

/ 02.12.2023;

/ 09.12.2023;

/ 16.12.2023;

/ 23.12.2023.

The cost of a subscription for 4 classes is 6500 ₽.

The cost of a one–time lesson (but not less than 3) - 1720 ₽.

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