05 february – 05 march / 14:00 – 16:00

The program includes master classes and interactive classes for children 9-11 years old.

Lesson plan:

/ 1 lesson "House of Osterman". Thematic program with a master class

Discover the architectural ensemble that was formed during the XVII-XX centuries! You will have a rare opportunity to see the cultural, historical layers hidden in a unique monument of old Moscow - the House of Count Osterman.

/ 2 lesson "Family coat of arms". Master Class

The master class will continue the theme of the history of the museum building and the noble families associated with the Osterman estate and its surroundings. You will come up with the coat of arms of your family and create it using the author's printing plate, which is performed using the linocut technique.

/ 3 lesson "This mysterious glass". Thematic program with a master class

In the museum halls you will learn about the history of the origin of the art of glassmaking, various "recipes" for making glass and the methods of decorating it. Unique works of glassmakers XVIII-XX centuries will help you see the amazing possibilities of this material.

/ 4 lesson "History of Russian porcelain". Thematic program with a master class

At the museum exposition participants will get acquainted with the collection of ceramics and porcelain of the XVIII-XX centuries. In the museum workshop, you will have the opportunity to paint a porcelain saucer.

/ 5 lesson "Decorative and applied art of the XVIII-XIX centuries". Excursion with elements of theatricality

You will see the art of Russian artists and craftsmen who decorated palaces, estates and mansions of the Russian aristocracy by their works.